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23-25 September 2009



10th Baku International Congress "Energy, Ecology, Economy"

The deadline for receipt of papers is June 30, 2009



Energy resources constitute one of the major factors of intensive economic development on the international arena. Fuel and energy complex occupies its own special place in any economy and is a main driving force of economy and a requisite condition of the well-being of the population.

Energy industry in its current state and, moreover, in its development should be considered in three aspects: technical, socio-political and biospheric, or ecological.

Economic development of any modern industrial society requires a certain consumption of energy generated from non-traditional sources.

At present, energy is mainly generated by burning of fossil fuels, that is by way of breaking natural structures accumulating solar energy. While using energy released by oil, gas and coal, a man creates a chaos in the biosphere and violates a nature balance. As a result, the biosphere is returning to a "lifeless" state similar to that existing many millions years ago.

Power engineering, petrochemistry, oil-refining, development of oil and gas fields - these are the spheres of human activity which have been a subject of most criticism due to their damaging effects for the environment.

Our planet is threatened by all kinds of dangers ranging from industrialisation to demographic changes and from agricultural activities to urbanisation. However most attention is given these days to the energy bringing serious environmental threats, be that in the course of its generation (dumps, wastes), its transportation (oil spills, high-voltage transmission lines) or its utilisation (green-house effect, acid rains etc.)

For many decades a very strong relationship between an economic growth and energy development, petrochemistry, oil-refining as well as development of oil and gas fields have been observed. Energy consumption rises sharply increasing environmental changes, total economic losses as well as expenditures necessary for environment restoration and protection.

The modern society with its ecological, economic and social problems as well as ever-increasing demands in fuel and energy has to put up with an increased level of an anthropogenic environmental contamination, fast depletion and rise in prices of the main energy sources.

All the above gave birth to a global universal ecological-energy problem: "ENERGY, ECOLOGY, ECONOMY".

The economic, ecological and socio-political situation in the today's world is such that it requires careful consideration of the complex planetary problem "Energy, Ecology, Economy".

Practical activities of the International Ecoenergy Academy are aimed at finding solutions to corresponding tasks of this general problem.

The global problem "Energy, Ecology, Economy" is causing great concerns to the scientists and specialists of the Azerbaijan Republic involved in various fields of science, technology and education.

In 1990, based on presentation by the Academy of Sciences and State Planning Committee of Azerbaijan, the Council of Ministers gave its approval to the establishment of the Scientific-Manufacturing Association "Gunesh", the first of its kind in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The name itself "Gunesh" ("the Sun") reflects the aims of the organisation.

Almost all energy resources of our planet are generated by the Sun. They should be used sensibly. The aim of the Association is to give an utmost encouragement to the promotion of the latest achievements of the science and technology in effective utilisation of non-traditional and traditional energy sources, fuel and energy resources and environment preservation including protection from radiation.

Scientific basis of a computerised microclimate-controlling system for large-scale civil-engineering complexes have been developed and implemented in practice. All-republic scientific-technical programmes addressing issues of energy consumption, environment and economy have been developed and new scientific centres have been established.

International Scientific Forums "Energy, Ecology, Economy" have since become regular and have been named as the Baku International Scientific Forums. The participants of the International Scientific Forums approached the United Nations with a proposal to develop regional and interregional scientific-technical and environmental co-operation under a slogan "Energy, Ecology, Economy" and establish regional organisations of the same name. A suggestion was put forward to set up an International Ecoenergy Academy in the Azerbaijan Republic making use of the facilities of the Scientific-Manufacturing Association "Gunesh". International Ecoenergy Academy was founded in 1994.

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